Look at my baby sister!


Hey Ms. Carter...
I am proud as a peacock.. she was featured in DC Modern Luxury September issue "Women of Style"

Jehan Carter
Entertainment Lawyer, Producer

Washington is in the midst of an undeniable renaissance, and Jehan Carter is determined to make sure that the world doesn’t miss it. An entertainment lawyer who spends her time in buttoned-up courtrooms by day, the area native—who goes by J—spends her evenings as a reporter and TV producer for her company Donne Belle Productions. She’ll also teach at Howard University next year. “I’ve mastered two outfits in one,” she says. “I’ll wear a suit jacket in the law office, then take it off and have a fabulous dress and necklace on that becomes my chic outfit—I love Michael Kors.” Out nearly every night at events like Fashion for Paws and Knock Out Abuse, Carter shares DC’s dazzling side as the producer of Pollywood Nights, a documentary film—with a spinoff series in the works—about the national spotlight’s shift to DC after the election of President Obama. “The president and first lady brought the spotlight to DC,” she says. “This series is the chance for the world to see what’s happening here.”

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Southern Belle
I might have to take a look at her book (yeah I googled her since I didn't see the link for the article until now lol). Congratulations to her indeed for her accomplishments!


Congratulations! I am very proud of her even though I don't know her.

I kind of shy away from purple colors but she looks so good in it, I think that I will try a few items....