Love & Hip Hop NY- Season 4


Got Kompa?
Another week another mess.

Yandy still crying over reese's :kicks

Erica Mena is still doing photo shoots and pretending to be a lesbo

Tahiry is still fly.

Wack Dollaz is still defending Erica in hopes that she'd climb back into his bed and he could pimp her out for some more dollaz.

K. Michelle is just on this season to clean up her image. nothing more nothing less

Amina is dumber than a bag of rocks. She actually thinks Peter is being faithful to her.

Peter is mentally ill.

Tara's basement apartment is the ultimate struggle. :kicks If she had a nickel for every time she said she was "done" she'd moved her behind out that basement flat. But noooo she's still messing with Peter. This dummy apparently is still letting Peter finish in her.