Machel: I’m here to stay

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Machel: I’m here to stay

Wednesday, March 5 2014

SOCA star Machel Montano, the unofficial Road March King of 2014, yesterday said while people will come and go, he will always be a part of Carnival through his music and because performing was what he was born to do.

Speaking during a televised interview Montano said it was time for local music artistes to put aside competition and instead back each other up. He added that young persons need recognition and respect and that he appreciated the Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) supporting and respecting him.

“Now is the time to get together and put aside all these problems, all these competitions,” he said. Montano stated he was “not about money or fame” but about the next generation, which is why he wants to help anyone if he could. “I am always looking for what is best for this country, what is best for this culture,” he stated.

He mentioned that he has several collaborations with American DJ Major Lazer and R&B group Boyz to Men and intends to collaborate with local artiste Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez.

In addition, Montano said it was a special moment for him when he reunited with soca artiste Destra Garcia to perform their 2003 hit “It’s Carnival”, for his concert Machel Monday.

He described Destra as a bit hyper, but declared she was fierce and that he loves her. He said that she showed maturity by getting back together with him and that they were about to record another track together, which should be released next year. “It’s about doing it for the people, doing what makes the people happy, doing what makes them smile,” he said.


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
Machel's "Ministry" cops Road March title
By Multimedia Desk (T&T Express)
Story Created: Mar 5, 2014 at 4:18 PM ECT


Machel Montano's "Ministry Of The Road" was a runaway winner of this year's Road March title.

The song that saw him retain his Power Soca Monarch crown was played a total of 374 times at the various judging points on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

A distant second was "Big People Party" by Farmer Nappy (Darryl Henry). This was played 59 times.

Rounding out the top three with 39 was Benjai's (Rodney Le Blanc) "Come Out To Play."


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
I thought they already do a song together...back in 2006 i think. It was boy, Garlin and Shurwayne...."move with us" i think was the name
Yeah, that wasn't a bad power song but B.O.D.Y was the biggest Power song that year.

Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin & Shurwayne Winchester - Move With Us (2006)
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I won't be surprised if both Bunji and Destra work with MM this year and I think the unity it will demonstrate will be a good thing for the artform.


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
Machel joins Bollywood stars in Scandalous
Published: Saturday, November 29, 2014 (T&T Guardian)

Machel Montano Scandalous.png
Machel Montano

From December 8, T&T will again feature as the backdrop to another international feature-length movie as filming begins on Scandalous, starring soca star Machel Montano, actress Natalie Perera and Bollywood star Kabir Bedi.

A Bollywood-style Caribbean musical, Scandalous puts Montano in a romantic role as Lee de Leon, a singer who finds himself entranced with Anita Panchouri, the doting daughter of a deep in debt Indian businessman.

Anita, played by Perera, falls for the romantic Lee and decides she wants to be with him, just once, before she enters a loveless marriage for the sake of her father’s future. But her designs on Lee do not escape Nikhil (played by Trini-born UK actor Valmike Rampersad), the territorial younger brother of Anita’s fiancee, who picks up on the attraction. When Nikhil learns the true state of the dismal Panchouri finances the family’s been hiding, he sets about a plan of revenge that will destroy Anita and her father and crush her chances of true love, a release said.

Scandalous was written by Claire Ince, a New York-based writer who won a grant to help make the film at the Bahamas International Film Festival’s Filmmaker Residency in 2008. “Drawing on the influence of Shakespeare and his familiar themes of marriage, tradition and destiny, Scandalous tells a universal love story played out at the intersection of Indian and African culture that is unique to the twin island republic,” says Ince.

The movie will be directed by Todd Kessler, an American film and television writer, producer and director. Among his credits are director and producer of the feature film Keith and show runner and co-creator of Nickelodeon’s preschool series Blue’s Clues.

The Producers will be Ancil McKain and Steven Brown. McKain is a T&T born film and television editor whose credits include IFC’s hit reality series Film School; the feature film Evergreen, which premiered at Sundance; and Jesse Moss’s AMC Special, RATED R: Republicans in Hollywood.

Brown has worked on critically acclaimed independent films, including two projects for actor/director Robert Duvall; The Apostle which won many national and international awards, including three Spirit Awards and an Academy Award nomination, and Assassination Tango. His past films include highly successful studio and independent pictures such as Wild Things, Grosse Pointe Blank, Dazed and Confused, Big Momma’s House, Down with Love and Double Impact.

In addition to Montano, Scandalous will see many other notable local faces such as Teneille Newallo and Michael Cherrie. Other local faces working assiduously behind the scenes to make Scandalous a success including: Lorraine O’Connor, line producer; Princess Donelan, locations manager; casting director, Penelope Spencer and Yah Mari Cole, production co-ordinator.
Scandalous will be shot entirely in T&T at various locations and the soundtrack will be recorded by Montano and produced by him and Keshav “Lazabeam” Singh. Some of the sponsors assisting in the production of Scandalous are: Junior Sammy Group of Companies, Rent-a-Amp, Digicel, the Tobago House of Assembly, Blue Waters, Caribbean Airlines and Hilton Trinidad.

• To keep abreast of all our updates on Scandalous via social media—Twitter: ScandalousTM, Facebook: ScandalousTheMovie and Instagram: ScandalousTheMovie.


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I agree with him about young soca artists needing to show respect to the Mighty Sparrow. I disagree with him on his comments on Destra even though there is probably more to that story.

***Waiting for Swaggerific to scream bloody murder about Machel apparently disparaging his Queen****


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Listen and read the lyrics

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