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So which song in your opinion is going to beat "Float" backed by the MM Marketing Machine on the road? :scratch
I give MM a better chance of winning on the road than winning Power Soca especially if Superblue turns up and performs half as good as did in his heyday!

I now have over 50 new power songs released for T&T Carnival 2013 and I would say that about 15 plus of them are top notch.
Will post the ones that I rate very soon but generally I think the power soca tracks released so far this year for T&T C2K13 are better than the offerings from last year plus there are many more power songs being released than last year to choose from so some good tunes are going to be lost in the dust!
Going by theme for the stage, I give it to Fayann. A solid roadmix to De Stage Open with probably a quicker pace would do it IMO. I thought last year PYF was perfect for crossing the stage going by the lyrics and although Float does have the same appeal, I feel Fay more hit the theme.

I seen Superblue perform his song already and honestly he need to turn water into wine fuh that win. I could see MM bringing some big ass floats like yuh see in the state parades on that stage, releasing ballons in the air while he dancers levitating. Trust me, this performance can be wicked.


Muss expect you to be biased Ms Rama ....

As for this tune ... shyt is just straight wakk .. im saying that and im a big Machel fan .... but yuh have to call it like it is. It does just vexxin when a shyt song like Float could beat out a tune like Lyrikal Savage. He shoulda go wit Witch Docta in trut'
N!gga Get Lazy. Watch His Europe Shows .. Then You Will See Him Sing And Perform Top Knotch.
ummm how you saying one thing here and another thing somewhere else fella?? how you switching like a windshield wiper from side to side.. so what is it really.. you like the song or you dont like the song?? :fan_1:

Machel Montano - Float - YouTube


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Pure undiluted SHIT, second song from Double M for the year that ah have tuh give the flusher, No Lie being the first one.:feelsick
I hope you realise that "No Lie" is a very big tune in T&T right now especialy in the fetes with the ladies and what the ladies like the men also tend to love!


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"New" Machel Montano - Float (Drum Mix) "Soca 2013"

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We floating on de big stage high over we problems, we doh have no time for dem it's mas with we best friends!

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I hope you realise that "No Lie" is a very big tune in T&T right now especialy in the fetes with the ladies and what the ladies like the men also tend to love!
Exactly! its all about personal preference. This tune is not going to be regarded as sh*t by all. Its a middle of the road power tune with the usual lame lyrics you find in most of these types of tunes. Some will like it some wont. Most people will still find one..two...three..four songs that they like from this same artist this year. so again...what's the big deal.

"No Lie" by the way...for a great song


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O.M.G. this tune is S. H. I. T. sad ting is he might win soca monarch again and come back with "see i tell allyuh I woulda win" ...but what we go/could do??? .......nuttin really. in my opinion, tunes this yr not as good as last yr, but I still love meh soca...Respect

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Doh know how to feel about this one nah. Before, I use to feel the vibe from his power tunes from the very first listen--that is definitely not the case anymore.

These artists need to go back to basics for their uptempo tunes. By basics, I mean production and lyrics. They puttin just a lil bit too much effort into it now. Go back to the 2000-2008 period of uptempo soca. :good:

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But I don't know, maybe it just needs to grow on me. Most likely that happens when you here it in a fete/mas environment.


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i almost cussed DD stink when i saw her post, because i saw him sing snipets intro'ing the song at ONE fete. Decided to hold off until it was released.

But i see what they did here, with the opening bars/chorus and general melody of the song. They used melodies of songs from past years.

With the addition of a roadmix, unfortunately, this will be a contender.