Man faces jail for child maintenance.....and the child isn't his....


Loyalty to Loyalty
Wow, good luck for him and the court system I mean they can't get her to come to court they have the paternity results and this man still going to jail??? Seriously courts about 5 children to mind and 3 months in a real jail for that. Hopefully he en dead, get raped, end up malnutritioned or come out an actual criminal. Dey en know wha d ass dey doing with that court and prison system.
Granted that our laws are so outdated I doubt there is the us stipulation that if you are on the birth certificate for x period of time or have always taken care of the child that even if paternity shows you are not the biological father you must keep paying. I'd be very surprised if that's the law in TnT.

Obviously in the 5yrs since the in court judgement she didn't bring him to court again so he must have been paying her something but unfortunately probably has no evidence of this.

To the fatherhood part I guess he dont mind being in the child life emotionally but he ain trying to pay $ no more.