Manchester City vs Chelsea FA Cup this Saturday 9am


Dragon Singh

Manchester City 1-1

Chelsea 1-1

Draw 2-1

February 15, 2014 12:15 PM EST
Etihad Stadium — Manchester

Please READ the Rules before betting

Betting Rules:
1) All bets must be in 5 min before game time
2) All credits must be in my account 5 min before game time / Type a note saying who you betting on
3) No BETS Under 25 Million
4) No one under the age of 18
5) NO betting on two teams in the same match
6) ALL bets are finale ( No bets will be confirmed ) Edit your post , I take away yuh credits .
7) All bets must be the correct amount or you will be paid what you sent
8) All bets must be ah flat amount " I can't count "
9) If you send me credits and don’t make a BET you lose them
10) If there is a DRAW the house keep your credits , providing you didn’t BET on a Draw

This is the most common odds used by The Greek Sportsbook where the bettor (punter) has three choices: team A, team B, or a tie. This type of betting makes sense, since in regular season it is possible for a match to end in a tie. If you bet on a team in this scenario and the outcome of the match at the end of 90 minutes is a tie, the bet is a loss. If you bet on the tie, and one of the teams wins at the end of 90 minutes, the bet is a loss
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Dragon Singh
Fackin DEAD !!!!

Jose Mourinho's famed "mind games" have been almost exclusively aimed at Manchester City and Manuel Pellegrini this season, and in recent days his barbs have been coming thick and fast. Every time the Chelsea boss opens his mouth, he seems to have the same intention: to derail City's title challenge and disrupt Pellegrini as much as possible.

Their rivalry goes back to when Mourinho succeeded Pellegrini as Real Madrid boss. Mourinho was quoted in ESPN as saying: "If Madrid were to fire me, I wouldn't go to Malaga. I'd go to a top-level team in Italy or England." It was an unnecessary jibe that sparked a now long-running feud between the pair.

Since they reconvened in England after their respective appointments this summer, Mourinho has upped the ante, often trying to convince people—largely unsuccessfully—that Chelsea shouldn't be considered title contenders and that all the pressure to win the league is on City.

After their win at the Etihad last week, he told reporters Chelsea were the "little horse" in the title race, and then on BBC's Match of the Day described City as being "a Jaguar."


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
Betting Odds:
Manchester City 1-1
Chelsea 1-1
Draw 2-1

My Bets:
Man City vs. Chelsea: 15 mil on City win & 10 mil on a draw;
25 million in credits just sent to Dragon.