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In Trinidad, there needs to be better preservation of the arts, of the museums and venues that showcase the arts- in all their different forms... people need to begin to have an appreciation of the arts from the ground levels up.. that person who vandalized the artwork the other day probably lashed out because that sort of thing might have been too far fetched from their every day sensibilities so they lashed out at what they couldnt understand... we have to make people feel that artworks in tnt are theirs so the community can cherish and respect the craft.... our musical artforms, our carnival costumes... etc.. these things should all be archived and showcased.. i think that every mas presentation from every band every year should be archived in a carnival museum so you could go there and look at HARTS carnival costume in 1992 and compare it to the harts presentations now.. see who copies who, it will force peopel to push the limits of creativity... and it will also show trends.. but it also preserves history... younger people should take the time to go to the roots presentations.. the panorama competition where them panmen beating a pan with all their heart and soul, the flagwoman in front waving the flag and wining, the sounds of various bands making a sound like no other... the kings and queens of carnival show where the costumes move and sway with the night winds and dazzle.. the picong the politicians recieve in the dimanche gras... where for jouvay you hearing a bottle and spoon or a grater or the drummers and music cuts off and people sing the words of well known jouvay ditties... all of that is what makes Carnival.. not a bikini with beads, feathered boots and a faceful of makeup... Carnival is an experience.. it is listening to a Midnight Robber's carefully crafted lyrics supposed to make you fear him.. the Pierrot Grenade in his colorful costume.. the Dame Lorraine with "in front jumpin an behind bumping" as meh grandmother would say with her exagerrated breasts and bottom , swaying this way and that.. the colorful jab molassies, cracking their whips forcefully to scare bystanders... flicking their tongues in that devillish way.... the Old mas competitions with the clever costuming and double entendres.... all these people who fooling themselves into thinking that what they do now.. jump in a ultraexclusive band is the epitome of carnival.. need two lash in dey mc.. lol


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Firstly, what All4life said. Victor's role agaisnt NAPA and SAPA leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I don't even know if it was simply political - because let's be honest, most ah dem culture boys was on a COP head. I think it's more that in Trinidad there is no pause in criticising anything black. Be it a "black government's idea" or a black man's vision.
And even there it could easily be that black people are held to a different, higher standard. So I don't know why he was so charged up against NAPA but in 2013 he should be addressing us on whether or not he was wrong to criticise or the issues he had have been remedied.

so steupz you honestly dont believe that there is not enough of a move to put measures into place to preserve and encourage the Arts in tnt? i'm curious
I am not seized of all the facts. I am operating on the belief that if someone like me sees things happening then for it to get down to my level there must be alot more shit happening. Here's what I know, you can't drive for thirty minutes in Trinidad or Tobago without seeing something that preserves culture and the arts. There are dance schools all over the place, there are panyards, there are acting clubs and there are active choirs.

I know there are artists giving lessons, there is UTT teaching fashion, the schools all teach music (and ah doh mean just learning to play do-re-mi on a recorder, I mean actually learning to read music.), the SEA has questions on bursting bamboo and river limes so they force teachers to discuss it and in Carnival they have taken baby steps in preserving original mas.

Tobago has its own thing in preserving its traditions.

You saw the encouragement for local artists with the paintings outside of the Oval and that place, ermmm, yeahh, The Waterfront. Architecturally they have almost completed the restoration of Stollmeyer's Castle and the Red House is next. They restored some building next to the Red House too but someone who's here longer than I would know what it is.

And the incentivisation and recognition are there. What other government is paying out millions in prize money? I know Victor is against that but if you're arguing principle and better use of resources you can be against anything.

To me you want citizens to appreciate, respect, preserve and reward the arts and I can't see how Trinidad is not moving forward in that regard.

I understand what Victor wants but it has always seemed a flight of fantasy to me. He seems to think this creation of an arts industry can just happen if you do a, b and c. It just isn't convincing. He never seems to appreciate that success while built on creativity and determination is also beholden to luck, timing and randomness. I don't think it is as formulaic as he makes it seem.

And again, my main issue is harping on what's wrong. People can't take dis Trinidad doin' shit talk, all the time.

there is no enabling environment.... all we do is play mas, fete and party..... where are the schools for the arts? museums dedicated to only arts? programs for training and development? matter of fact, who are the stakeholders involved???
What's wrong with playing it? And a school for the arts would be fantastic but isn't that what UTT proposed on a small scale? Educating talent as they improve the quality of their gift. But, small steps first because you can't train a mass of people unless there are not only post graduation places for them to fill but a willingness to continue to pursue their area of study.
Trinidad has a fair few people who studied music you know... they call them bankers, flight attendants and teachers.

Who are the stakeholders? I'd like to say everyone but it's really the government and the artists/artistes.


hear nah.. that red house allegedly being restored since i was a child playing in its halls... smh lol.. that puce paint need retouching and the interior totally gutted and rebuilt..

but as for Rubas.. as a person who spent years on the arts and entertainment scene he would be at the forefront of the happenings and how do you not know if he's instrumental behind getting some of these changes that you listed, going on for the country. trust me when i tell you for many people in the arts world, a lot of you see the outline but not the detail.... but to each his own..