MJ Gave Me Herpes, Claims Woman, Sues Estate For 10 Million


Hey Ms. Carter...
MJ Gave Me Herpes, Claims Woman, Sues Estate For 10 Million
Press Trust of India
Sunday, May 22, 2011 (Los Angeles)

A woman has sued Michael Jackson's estate for USD 10 million, claiming that the late pop icon gave her the sexually transmitted disease Herpes, almost forty years ago.

The woman in question is Shellie Smith, who has said that the late King Of Pop "ruined her life" and is now demanding a pay-out from his estate, reported TMZ online.

Smith says that she is certain that she caught the disease from Jackson, as he was her only partner.

"In 1979, I started having sexual relations with the decadent. Shortly thereafter, I began to get blisters on my legs, face and lips. He was my only partner. At this time, I am unable to have a full and vibrant life due to the complications of this disease," she said.

But then in Smith's second claim, her facts are changed, as she alleges that she was diagnosed with 'Herpes Simplex' after having sex with Jackson in 1977.

"Michael knew I was getting blisters on my body, however, he continued to have sex with me," she said.

And this isn't the first time Smith has filed claims against Jackson. In January 2010, Smith's claim that she was secretly married to Jackson and was entitled to spousal support, was promptly rejected.

Smith's latest declaration comes after the deadline for filing a creditor's claim in Jackson's case expired.



Hey Ms. Carter...
mind you she have no proof she had a relationship with Michael and she tried to sue before claiming she was married to him secretly....the Law should give prison time to people who want to sue fuh such schupidness