Most of us have been in Kanye's Position...


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In other news.... the one who got a way.... Reggie Bush, anyone seen how cute his little girl is?! Cutest little yummy bunny!

ETA: got the sex wrong! lol
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If he has fallen for her knowing that her live with all the goods and bars have been quite public, he most likely does not care what anybody thinks about him nor her.

Yeah i don't see what KimK brings to the table that Kanye doesn't have......except more notoriety...and even that he had plenty off before she showed up.

So maybe big boss is right...maybe this was calculated....maybe he wanted more notoriety....he certainly had plenty money and fame and pretty women before.................or....................
maybe the summabyatch is really in love and sense really got suck out he brain by that ting called love.

It happens.

I know plenty man...including myself....who fall for a chick...and operated directly opposite to what common sense would dictate.
I still can't ignore the possibility that he has just plain fallen for the chick and now finds himself struggling on a daily basis to maintain a mental block of all that sh*tty baggage she carries around.

I don't care who you are there is one chick or one guy out there that can/will/havetheability to make you bat-sh*t crazy in your thinking.

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so you telling me if your wife pregnant and jigga boozy just so happened to get a one piece off her

make a song or tell dragon how me used to blah blah blah your woman

that wouldnt make you feel a way?

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet you would prolly beat her and call off the wedding and get a blood test

I say it so close to home cause yall act like what rayj did was some isolated incident or not a big deal

nuggas hate like that CONSTANTLY
alrite me done now
Bredrin doh be ah imps an sho it nah. What you just offer up doesn't address why Kanye decided to be with her or have a baby with her knowing full well her history of bein ah celebrity hoecayk. Yeah she nice an all dat buh she is still ah nastiness. Ray j love spotlight same way, so to pretend it was never a possibility is jess plain stoopid. Fact is kanye like to hear he name constantly bein mentioned and his image constantly on TV and in print publications. Doh pretend to eh kno dat. Wha RayJ doh ha nutten to do wid Kany supposedly vacating common sense because of ah celebrity hoe.


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Kim is all about Kanye being burnt by Amber Rose, who y'all also said would never get wifed :tease:...what did they have? JazE where di pic of Amber and Wiz's kid?


Hey Ms. Carter...
my girlfriend that is into numerology called me laughing because the baby was born 6/15/2013---add the numbers individually and it's 6 6 6 ...smdh …:rofl: