my way to cook this ok ?


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u must learn how to cook Caribbean food, if you want Caribbean man....:acute:

LOL@Pancake Syrup.....Wow!

Jesus Christ.

PM , Nica she will teach u how to feed Bacchus right.


Ank you were right to slice them and fry them but next time they should look more like this
and you have to make sure it is nice and ripe when you fry it.. also dont eat it with anything.. eat at the side of food, like salad.


You need more oil in the pan, because the plantains are burnt on the edges and dont look cooked.
AS she said, you need more oil in the pan, make sure the plaintains are ripe and when you take them out, rest them on a napkin to soak out some of the oil.

When they turn that nice golden brown, just flip them.

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I got this food but I didnt know how too cook. I've ever seen this was cooked in Antigua.. but not sure the way to cook.

and so.. I sliced it and fried them..

View attachment 60046

View attachment 60047

then , I tried to taste them with this ..

View attachment 60048

but .. the taste was not what I expected.. .. was I wrong ??
I know you didnt get that in ANU (Antigua).

But don't worry all you need do is keep trying you will get it soon enough. Plenty women in Antigua and the rest of the Caribbean just can't or don't cook at all. So you are already one step ahead of most of them. Keep trying. You get it sooner or later.

Cimo 2

And to add to what Ladyras said, the plantains should have a lot if black spots on them. and be soft without being smushie. Like ladyras said RIPE.


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is there anybody in the history of imix that lures out more peepers than me..............
No sah'....

yuh di bess...:good:

this calls for some music...

leh we dance.

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