NBA 2013 Finals; Heat vs Spurs

Who wil be the 2013 NBA Champions

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Mr Mercy

Now the poll is up today, watch some of y'all wait until after Game 3 or 4 to give your prediction. #WeakHearts Lmao

I am predicting another championship for Lebron and Miami

Yankee Doodle

Weakness fuh Sweetness
Miami in 6. Heat will win the games that Lebron gets 8 or more assists. The key to the Heat winning is that Lebron has to get other players involved early and often. He will always get his points, but assists are key.

Mr Mercy

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JA Soca Ambassador
SMH...some of you still disrespecting the current greatest player in the !

Anyway, I feel Miami will take them in Four....straight, but due to the fact that the Spurs are Battle tested, I give them one game, so Miami in 5.

Now we will see what Dwayne and Bosh are made off....that is the key here.