New Adidas "Slave" Sneakers


Who feels it knows it!
Like you all ain't slaves. Please.
Might as well put you all back in shackles.

I wouldn't buy that Lakers looking sneakers anyway but maybe they should have had an ad campaign before the release to frame their vision. You know something like "slave to the game", "My Game is now criminal", "Locked in the zone"....etc


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And why not create a shoe like this.....have you all not seen how willing black teens are to adopt buffoonery in their dress?

Lynch HD

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My wallet makes me feel like a slave too, with the chain attatched to my pants tab. Also, my surf board has an ankle band that reminds me of slavery as well.

notorious saga

Black people are slaves for brand name sneakers with or without shackles, anytime idiots killing each other and fighting to get in a store to buy a piece of foot cloth for ridiculous prices that speaks for itself.


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Why some black people are always quick to give others the benefit of doubt? Is it really a dumb thing to take offense at these sneakers? Some will claim they don't but when people look at the shoes what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Accepting connotation like that is definitely not a sign of open mindness but rather a great indication of the willingness to accept denegrating ideas about yourself. And being cool about those ideas is not a respecting yourself and definitely is showing the utter lack of respect for the suffering of your ancestors.

What connotation are you talking about my dear??? Please make the connection from slavery to sneaker!!! Please share the denigrating ideas!!! Please share about the harm your ancestors suffered at the hands of Adidas!!!!



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I know that when I first saw them posted the first thing that came to MY mind is the shackle that were used to Africans feet during the voyage du non retour. It also reminded me of the shackles that prisoners used to wear after slavery was abolished ( we all have heard how blacks became prisoners at that time).

So you don't see anything wrong with but I do. Just like smoking, those who have issues with it should be given more consideration than those who don't.


When I first saw this my initial though was "well that's dumb, why anyone would want to wear shackles voluntarily is beyond me."

Then I thought that the concept is somehow glorifying prison life. The thought of slavery never crossed my mind but I can see how people would get that.

Either way the design should never have been approved.