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Within the packaging opinion, it still inherits the most crucial color of any black background. The deep black is actually the boundless space complete with mystery, simple feeling, and without losing the fashionable and elegant layout. The fusion within the three flavors for tobacco, fruit, together with woody spicy, supplemented by just holographic quality deal with, enriched with minor molecular water systems, releases the true and natural preferences of tobacco finds, comfortable and pleasurable; high air permeability narrow rod forming documents + laser drilling systems, Enhance the agility for smoke; double-row bricks-and-mortar defocusing holes meant for cigarette filters, actual design of suction battle and ventilation, longer-lasting smoke a pipe; brand new flocking wrapping, more high-grade, true black main shade, overall atmosphere together with fashion, in path with modern art Main logo: Utilizing the latest laser the positioning of and engraving systems, an azalea blooming during the cold is thoroughly carved out, dancing during the wind, lifelike together with shining, demonstrating the aristocracy and excellence. Effortless yet unique charisma, unique and one of a kind national characteristics, fulfils the theme for grassland culture Newport Cigarettes. Narrow stick: The red line part way through the filter keep to enhances the visual beauty within the cigarette's appearance together with makes the ciggie more handsome together with agile. Auxiliary substances: high proportion for hemp pulp cigarette paper must be used to strengthen any matching of ciggie paper and leaf number formula style characteristics to guarantee the consistency and stability of cigarette style, enhance any delicate and residual feeling of smoke a pipe, and ensure any comfort of smoking the cigarette Sexual, all natural tobacco fragrance. Getting characteristic sub-module refinement technology, through use of scientific raw content grouping technology, group feeding technology together with grouping processing systems, fully tap any potential of high-quality tobacco leaf unprocessed trash Carton Of Cigarettes, and through use of cigarette shredded strong tobacco structure control technology making sure that the product provides a good rolling Superior and smoking superior. Autonomous perfumery: Using autonomous perfumery technology as an easy way Marlboro Lights, through the "cigarette scent control composition ring" systems, to give any cigarette the layout characteristics of composite fragrance, achieve any three-dimensional sensory benefit of "equal fragrance", together with form the element fragrance rhyme. Precisely what we are: inheriting classics, proving natural feelings; thoroughly crafting, pursuing premium and excellence; centre branch design, getting fashion and phenomenal; distinctive mouth branches, highlighting confidence together with vitality; comfortable preferences, taste natural together with natural.
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