News on Iwer an d KMC for 2001 and more from TnT


Mystic Posse

KMC has launched the new 'Voodoo' Riddum, the follow up to the 'Ladies' Riddum.

The Voodoo features nine soca artistes including Machel Montano, Magga Dan, Doggie Slaughter of X-Caliber, Rikki Jai and KMC himself.

The Ladies Riddum is already kicking up on the airwaves, with Precious being the most popular with 'Ooh La La'.

Iwer George is usually first off the blocks for Carnival, but this time he swears he won't release his 2001 album until after the General Election. Let's hope he does not have to wait until next January!

Before he releases his album 'Iwer and Family-Two', Iwer will drop his 'Vintage' Riddum which features Black Stalin and Baron riding for the first time, and fresh young star, Bunji Garlin. ShelShok produced the Vintage.

A new 12-member group will jump into the fray for Carnival 2001. Eclipse, a band from East Trinidad, has just completed a 12-track CD appropriately entitled 'Total Eclipse', which is a combination of ragga soca, rapso and world beat music.

One year after leaving the frontline of Roy Cape and the Kaiso All Stars, Kurt Allen has found a home with Traffik. He has also written most of the songs on the band's 2001 CD album, which is ready for release.

Wayne Rodriguez has released his first single 'Breakaway fuh Carnival'. He is backed by Horyzon.

Sanelle Dempster and her husband Terrence James have each received two nominations for the annual Sunshine Awards, which will be held in New York later this month. Sanelle was nominated in the categories of female vocalist of the year and best party song. Her husband Terrence was nominated for the awards of best arranger and producer of the year.

All four nominations were based on the 1999-road march hit 'River'. The Sunshine Awards will be held on October 21 and will be hosted by Errol Fabien and Nikki Crosby.

The Mighty Sparrow will make a special guest appearance at Machel Montano's Real Unity concert, next month. The late Grandmaster won't be left out either.

Machel will collaborate with Kernel Roberts, for a tribute to his father, Kitchener.