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Cleophus aka pupah lashie
resurrection time, cuz it's been a while...

here's entry number 1111245 in reference to a $10 haircut in Trinidad

Skilzman said:
What they cutting you with a faking louvres?
When yuh done yuh head real zug up and is razor bumps for days...


You worserer than I
i still liking 'tie up like ah market crab'

somebody said that and i actually sure it's used but i thought it was tres-funny


Take Kaiso In Yuh Mouth!!
one month ago when somebody made a thread about cleanliness...


Essiquibo said:
hahaha u guys crack me up. NOBODY takes a shower everyday!! i usually do that once a week if anything. i wake up in morning, dress and go to work. if i not running late i might brush my teeth.


Cleophus aka pupah lashie
BK on her homeland security home drill

bkhoney said:
one day i decided to do the "see how fast I can get to my door and open it if someone was chasing me" thing
i ran up the stairs, got to the door.... fumbled wit the key, dropped it, bent to pick it up.... hit my head on the door... picked up the key, fumbled again and dropped the key again...
then guess what... i started bawling like crazy cuz the pshycho serial killer woulda done kill me by now if it was real :(

Bake n Shark

Gangsta Boogie
Still one of my all-time favorites...if I must say so myself

Yuh mudda man said:
You've been here barely long enuf tuh take ah shower, so you know nothing of me or how I speak, be it here or in real life. However, if my words are too large for you to wrap around your feeble mind, then kindly feel free tuh haul yuh mudda cunt.

Hope that helps....


Cleophus aka pupah lashie
shy boy went on to defend why 100 was too much to spend on an engagement ring for a woman.

Shy Boy said:
Not every guy cheats. I seen a man be faithful to his woman for seven years. Then on the night he about to propose the woman go home with the bartender and leave him with a hundred dollar ring in his hand.


Take Kaiso In Yuh Mouth!!
in the thread about 'what do u no life ppl do?' i think Desperado responded....

Originally Posted by Desperado
well i found way to get in shape since i lost my membership to 1-800-FRIENDS. i play frisbee with my pet tree in the backyard. he's not really a good partner bcuz when i throw the frisbee, mr. tree just watches it and never throws it back. so i just run to the tree and throw it back to where i was standing. i do it for a few hours until i get tired. i'm starting to think mr. tree doesnt like me either.