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So Kakez finally had enough of Nikkigiovanni's hormanal behaviour and delivered the knockout blow.

Aight...Look Here Fella,

Nikki....I Think You Are The Utmost In Pretend Jamaican Gutter Filth...You Are Ah' 350 Pound Lesbian Wit Ah' Face Like Ah' Penis An Ah' Voice Like Tone LoC..You're Constantly Dragging Yuh Ol' 'Saggy-Nanny' Across The Board Lookin Fuh someone To Accept You...NIGGA YOU SUCK AT LIFE...Stop Threatning To Block Meh' And Get Ah' Life Outside Of The Mouse-And-Key Board You Call Home..You Look Like You Belong Eternally With Ah' Beercan In Yuh Big Ol' Mitten Hands..You Some Smelly Muppet Face Lesbian Cont That's The Result Of 5 Gruesome Minutes In The Back Of Ah' Dollar Van En Brooklyn..What In De Name Uh Starr Jones Makes You Feel Ah' Care Wah Yuh Flappy Poosy Head Self Tink Uh Me..Hoss..Suck Dong Ah' Next Slimfast And Doh Mention Me No more


Someone Quote Dat Fuh Me Please


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Omflikinggawddddd @ lack toast and tolerant!!!!!!!! I can't take it, I'm choking right now!! How I miss this? That was my best laugh in a long time, thanks Triniboi


I can only be me....
it's old but...

ummmmm,, all kicks aside... no need to reach home.. what her moms have to do with all this??? yuhknow sometimes i does really wonder if what you put in your signature really symbolizes your personality and chain of thought.... grow the fack up girl.. you self say that mediocrity does attack excellence, but that fack up comment yuh making shows how wise you are and makes u look like a bigger cunt than we always thought... de girl made a joke about madness and that is something we always get,, but tuh take things sooo personal as to throw low punches at her mother is highly intolerable,, so WITHOUT respect to you ----- fack de man, who fack your whoring, hooking, slutty, manicou mother, tuh make a dutty, stinking, hang down nanny, tranny beetham corbeau, washed up sea rat like YOU!!!!! fack off, you stinking mudaa cunt...... :cool: fucking asshole...... take dat yuh cock sucker.....

DD bruk out