NYC In The 1980s ...........


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that was a montage of scenes from like five different 80's movies...

Beat Street, Fort Apache-The Bronx, Wild Style, etc.


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harlem world before it turned into upper soho


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i just listen to that and heard WQHT hot 97... lol
Hot 97 played hiphop back then?
I remember back in the 80s the only black radio was Kiss FM or WBLS... And you wasnt hearing nooooo hiphop... You had to wait till Fridays and Saturday nights for Red Alert or DJ Mr. Magic to hear your hiphop.... Or watch Video Music Box to get 2 or 3 hiphop videos... Back then, mix tapes were important because radio wasnt playing no hiphop


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I was watching this interview of Kurtis Blow the other day.. and he said how during the 80s he had moved to LA and he was living there for a while and he became a blood