Obama Finally Speaks on Zimmerman/Trayvon


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Are u forgetting that black people are Americans too so that includes being the president black America

Show me where anyone has suggested he ONLy address the concerns of black America.

The suggestion was that all other groups gays. Immigrants etc have their concerns addressed and not black Americans.

Why is that no ne says he is not the president of gay or Jewish or white or immigrants America.

It's very stupid to stupid to post your comments to blacks when their concerns are raised.

Please consider I support and continue to support Obama but as a black American it is my right as a voter to voice my concerns and not be told " he is not my president "
In the MANNER in which members have put forth their arguments, it APPEARS that, just because Obama is an African American he should naturally side AGAINST the DECISION of the JURY.


Think about this
Paula Dean – Say the N word an lost her JOB
Youths - Say hey N word to each other and it’s cool
Zim – Shot TM an everyone vex he didn’t go to jail
AA – Shot ah AA no comment and if you see something I am not snitch
White Criminal – goes to jail for conspiracy to sell COKE “Good for his ass “
Jamaican DJ – goes to jail for conspiracy to sell COKE “Free Buju “
you know yesterday, passing by Pulse 48, some fete was throwing there.. so the police was there and told us that 15 more cars were going to come and shut it down .. so i inquired why.. the cop said that the promoter called and said that they dont have enough security or something so, so they dont want anybody else coming in (around 2.30 am) to avoid fights etc... so then sure enough cops are puling.. up.. so my cuz is waiting to give somethign to somebody who was apparently in the fete.. so then this dude walks up and asks "what's going on".. so my cuz replies "that's what im trying to figure out myself".. then dude tells us he lives on the block (opp the dead end).. and he sees cops so he's coming to investigate.. so i say to him wait hold up.. you see police gathering and you LEAVE your home to find out what's goin down instead of staying inside and staying safe.. he then tells me that he wants to come and see just in case a black male is being harassed or getting persecuted by the police.. so i then asked oh so do you come across here and get involved if it's a banger? he's like no! hell no! i like my life, he;ll stay home .. so i say wait.. you're willing to get involved if its the NYPD but NOT if its another black person like yourself doing whatever to the "young black male".. he's like yes.. cos if its the NYPD then it will be a movement because there are other people who dont like the police so something will come out of it.. but the bangers, no, nobody will get involved with them because people are scared.. and kept trying to explain it to me cos i'm like :headbang you can't be f-ing serious man.. i said to him, maybe you should stay in your house if it doesnt concern you, because you walking over here all nosy really makes no sense if you not willing to get involved based on who is doing the mishandling of the "young black male"... you really dont care about the "young black male" at all- its just an excuse to get involved with the cops.. at one point i had to be like yo, save your speech you are irritating me with this stupid excuse.. i'm not comfortable in areas where there are large groups of cops.. i'm out.. and by that time my cuz handed off whatever keys to whoever and we left.. people and their crazy logic always amaze me yes..