Outsourcing Offshore Software Development - Choosing Right Offshore Company


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The process of outsourcing offshore software development project has helped a number of offshore companies to find their existence. There are plenty of companies located in offshore countries like India, Sri Lanka which have proved their proficiency in offering better offshore software development services. If you are planning outsourcing software development work to one of these companies, you must have the capability of locating the best company in this field. To make you aware of right selection process, here are few most noteworthy guidelines compiled for you.

Assess the Track Record of the Company

Make sure that you take out time to evaluate the track record of various offshore software outsourcing companies coming your way. You may ask the company to provide you with sample of their previous assignments to evaluate its ability to develop desirable end products. The process of outsourcing offshore software development requires you to act as an informed customer to end up with right type of company.

Evaluate the Presence of the Company in Market

Before you arrive at final decision of outsourcing software project to a particular company, take a look at the presence of company in the market. You may search about company reviews on internet or may also contact past clients of the company. Whenever you plan for outsourcing offshore software development work, you must choose the company, which has appreciable reviews in the market.

Other Factors to Consider

In order to find most suitable offshore software development services providing company, following factors must be taken into account:

  • First of all, you must learn about the company’s ability in delivering the offshore software outsourcing project on time.
  • Before outsourcing software development work to any of these companies, you must take into account the number of employees in a team and number of teams working in the company.
  • For choosing a company for qa outsourcing Offshore Software Development, you must consider the various technology platforms employed by the company to develop end products. Make sure the company has knowledge about latest trends of software development.
  • You must also consider the availability of company to entertain your queries, which may be required at various stages, after you finalize the decision of outsourcing software project to the company.

Amongst the top offshore companies entertaining the needs of outsourcing offshore software development, Digital Sabre definitely holds significant position in the market. Digital Sabre is a software development company, which holds the status of providing affordable Custom Software Development to clients with varying requirements. The uniqueness of their offshore software development services is the integration of an onshore local project management office with an offshore development team. This ensures continuous reliable communication with clients along with highly competitive proposals. Another advantage offered by the company is the existence of their home office staff in Charlotte, NC, which aids in easy local communication. You can get cost effective solutions to enhance your business value.


Offshore Software Development Solutions: An Introduction

Offshore software development is basically the transfer or delegation of software development services of an organization to an outer service supplier or a third group. Generally, the external service provider is located in a different country. The process comprises of transmitting responsibility for delivering an action formerly performed within the organization by regular people, to a specialist service provider. The service provider successively offers services to the client for a fixed cost. The many advantages offered by outsourcing some of the business functions has led many companies to use it to their advantage. Mostly, non-core business processes are contracted out so that the parent company can concentrate on its core business processes and work efficiently.

Offshore software development requires the act of outsourcing the employment to a number of offshore nations to take advantage of rich human capital and cost effectiveness. Many on-shoring nations also introduce friendly policies to encourage outsourcing of jobs by organizations to their countries. It involves tax breaks, a single window clearing system and many such sops.

From the time the offshore development started, India and other Asian countries have been the target of concentration for these offshore corporations. This can be chiefly credited to the moderately less labor rate and a huge pool of software developers. When compared to the expenditure in building the infrastructure for a successful venture in their home land, the offshore software solution contributors take advantage from the prospect of good earnings with low investment, and extra tax exemption benefits. The on-shoring countries also gain, as it brings jobs to the people thus improving its overall prospects. Therefore, in a nutshell, Offshore Software Development Solutions create a win-win situation for both the parties.

Technology has played a great role in leading the boom for the offshore software development solutions. In addition to that, different time zones in countries help a company to serve their customer throughout the day. The advantage is that it complies with the requirements of the customers by their perfect work inside the time limit and also the relationship they keep up along with their clients.

Depending on the needs of the offshore programming market, the external service providers offer a range of services including software project planning, external testing and many such services. Digital Sabre Solutions provides dependable, superior customized software application development solutions to small to medium and a large number of larger organizations. The uniqueness of their Offshore Software Development Services is the integration of an onshore local project management office with an offshore development team. This ensures continuous reliable communication with clients along with highly competitive proposals. Their project managers are seasoned skilled professionals that are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.