Overlord Strum's Random Pic Thread


Imix Bad Man
strum u need to go DR or greece an take some pics of them prostitutes for me,,

all that travelling u doing.. i hope yuh fukin on every stop u make..


1st is view of Cabrits National Park from a boat
2nd is aerial view of approach to Melville Hall Airport
3rd ... one a cruise somewhere
4th is some strip club on Bourbon street with windows on passersby on the street can see

OverLord Strum

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Antonov-124 Cargo Plane in Tulsa Oklahoma sitting next to us....that is one huge focker.

240 feet wing span...226 feet from nose to tail....and 68 feet tall. :swoon:

One of too many homes away from home.


Red Man
Who else had a pair? (IN)

When Normal is Just that (IN)

Can't Save em All Man (UK)

One day I'll have one in my fish tank (UAE)

I know It's hard to catch a cab (AF)

Love the views CO

Girls like the small stuff (FR)