PAC BEATEN BY BRADLEY-split decision


I didn't watch the fight, but going in beforehand I knew there'd be some sort of uproar at the end.

Further proof of why the UFC has won me over, whereas boxing has become to me an old obsolete relic from yesteryear. Far less fights end up in the judges hands, more varied ways to end fights and decisions are more clear cut.

Comparing boxing to UFC for me is like comparing a 8 track player to an Ipad.
Boxing still has alot of fans, purists, and enthusists(sp?). It's just that people in US want more American champions. Many potential American fighters are seeing better money and opportunities in other sports like basketball, football, and baseball.

UFC has it's own scam going. I don't even feel they have the best fighters, even after acquiring strikeforce. Bellator has some monsters that could challenge UFC fighters.

laughing at Amir Khan putting in his 2 cents.


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lol some people may not like his antics and presentation style but he's a very intelligent businessman and fighter.

and most don't know but he's a nice guy out of the ring and away from the camera.. very generous with his money, always willing to help people less fortunate than him.