Pastor Tells Women that Hair Weaves are NOT Allowed in His Church


Like poca said, maybe he should advocate no weaves for everyone and not just ppl in his church. At the end of the day though, if it's his church, he can make the rules. I'm sure there are plenty other churches around that will gladly accept weave wearers.


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The Pastor probably didn't like what he was seeing especially if most of them were complaining about financial struggles.
So he offered them a practical solution that should also see them have more money in their hands as well as help them to raise their self-esteem regards how God made them. :good:
lol. i bet half his congregation gonna bounce...some of them won't leave the house without their hair did, let alone go to CHURCH! I can prolly count on one hand the amt of times i been to church and even i know its really a fashion, u mean more money for them to give to the church don't u :kicks