Patrice Roberts image too sexy?


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dont expect much from u, every good looking black woman u hate on

matta fact u hate on everyone

Patrice, Beyonce, Rihanna everybody

u r mean spirited, u prolly look like Shanaynay
lol..i LOVE Rhianna...and NEVER said Beyonce didnt look good! i said she cant sing well and i was tired of her leo wearing antics on stage .....(never said she didnt look good)..

besides Beyonce, name ONE other good looking woman i hate man, try!!! wrong

none of that is here nor there, this woman, just looks like she TRYING to be sexy and missing the mark...

P.S..i did think Beyonce looked redics in her Grammy performance. I thought she and her husband both looked silly and they did not exhibit a single ounce of sex appeal and had NO chemistry on stage..they moved like strangers and it was very odd to me..:kicks


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i see the sexiness in her.. but i do agree it gets over-shadowed by all the other extra shit.. but she does have sexy appeal that would come thru if she just was being herself.. i can tell


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Trying to throw insults does't take away from the fact that no matter how sexy she dresses, she does not have sex appeal.

If Mocha don't find her sexy then she definately doesn't have sex appeal