People who ask to borrow your newspaper/magazine to...


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but arent you contradicting yourself? You wash your hands and use sanitizer because you know how germy many folks can be but say that others have hang ups because they dont want to touch someone's germy magazine, cell phone or whatever after someone exits a washroom? Kinda the same thing isnt it?
hmmm...i guess so, its exactly the same thing..:lol:i am concious of what ppl do, but i guess i dont dwell on it, im more focused on making sure MY hands are clean..

meaning, i never thought twice about lending someone a book or mag for the or thinking about where there phone has been when/if i need to borrow it.. (i hope that doesnt change after this thread), cuz if i had to think about all that,...meaning the specifics of what ppl do, i would drive myself bonkers..


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yeah, sh*t like this (pun intended) will make you OCD really damn fast :kicks

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Allyuh rell full ah shit. Ah bet half ah allyuh on de bowl and yuh phone wey yuh ha to put by yuh face to talk soakin een de essence of shit imn de meantime :kicks

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I sure it have at least 1 nasty focka in here dat use de toilet and browse dey phone, get up and walk out normel widowt washin dey dutty stinkin hand