Pet Peeves


Peace Love n Pretty Tings
bad table manners....close your mouth when you eat......dont slurp your juice/water....... I dont want to hear you eat at all.........dont hold your fork like you are gonna impale someone.....dont stab your food with your fork and saw at it with your knife like its the first day with your new hands.......

people who drive slow in the fast lane. Get in the bloody right lane for god sake.

people who ask you "are you sure?" after asking you a question to which you have given an answer. If I was unsure or didnt know I would say so. I will slice you down with one look when you say that.

people who use the same dish cloth to clean their dishes as they do to wipe down their counter tops. yuck.

people who talk loud

people who ask a question and start answering the very question they asked you before you can even open your mouth. And then keep trying to guess what you will say as you are trying to answer. Dont ask if you think you already know the answer. That is another stare down lol