Playoff finals was fixed!!!


dats all i gotta say ..lethong james..the ostrich and the wannabe ray allen ..and they teammates didnt deserve that ring...super refs to the rescue


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lot ah calls went Miami's way. It did seem that the refs were favoring them but taht they are a great team with two of the best players in the game you cannot dispute.
celts wudda knock dem out to yes lebron single handly beats us at the td garden but wat about that game in miami wen rondo was raining 3pters
missed a lot of this season, but Celtics would have been a better team for the finals, this finals was not eventful. Thunder gave up, they were not creating any plays, sad thing to watch.


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Here we go......They won fair and square. Lebron deserves it.

Now continue on with your life until next season....