Program on Walter Rodney and Guyana's Political history


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Program that aired last Friday on in DC. Longtime WPA member Wazir Mohamed (a family friend) is interviewed about Guyana's political history and Rodney's entry into the political arena. Wazir also gives his views on Bishop and the impact of US imperialism in the Caribbean and Africa. Program starts about 2:26 min, after the news is read.

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From over here. Him and Kwayana used to stay with the family when they visited this area. My old man was heavy into WPA politics.
Oh cool That Banna got a nice hustle on... He might be the department head of Ind..
In a few years...From working at the Ice House in Guyana to this is good..


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Dr David Hinds and Dr Rupert Roopnarine in this 1998 interview speak about the life and politics of their late colleague, Dr, Walter Rodney. In the process Dr. Roopnarine also takes us through the turbulent politics of Guyana in the 1970s. Valuable for students of history and politics.

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