Race of Rachel Dolezal, head of Spokane NAACP, comes under questIon


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:rofl: dude..stop playing..:kicks

what does this mean? what are natural anti anglo saxon features? and shunned by whom?
She doesn't have the Quintessential Caucasian sharp define features.

Look at her 15 yr old pic below.

She has a broad nose, round high cheekbones, rounded chin, round forehead...not the typical chiseled angled straight line features. The blond hair, light eyes, and pale complexion is what most people connect or associate with being white...but those features may not make her white enough in the eyes White people, especially white men. Look how they treat "Gingers".

The only people that probably embraced her looks, or could understand and identify with being alienated and treated differently is Black people. Hence, why she wants to be down...and down for the cause.



Cervical Cancer

U are all over the place with your theories
Trying to feel, sorry for poor lil miss Ann
Non-Subjective thinking people tend to be "all over the place"...

Infinite boundaries, and few limitations.

This situation is much deeper than what people want to pretend it to be...perhaps, mental illness. Borderline schizophrenia, if not rich aspects of it.


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She looks exactly like the "typical" average white girl..all that "classic sharp, chiseled... " is the exception..their idea of beauty...that does NOT fit the average white girl


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Shows you how retarded African-Americans and the other people who follow the one drop rule are. All this white woman did was put on some spray tan and curled her hair and she was accepted as black. Freaking hilarious.

^ That was considered a black woman. People don't even know what black people look like anymore. That's what happens when you continue to label these mixed breeds as black. Its straight up embarrassing, but you one droppers have ZERO pride. Zero.

You're getting phased out and don't even realize it. Turn on your favorite tv show and I'd bet anything "the black girl" is being played by a mixed chick. Its sickening.
I don´t know why you would think people don't know what a black person looks just because there are a lot of mixed race actors playing black roles,as if they don't live around them or worked with them. That kind of notion is ridiculous. You have a good share of black actors on television too.

I have my issues with some black americans at times, but if I do I keep my distance. You don't have to go on a bash a thon though,especially when you use their slangs,colloquialisms,and attitude approaches. you look like a hypocrite and a bafoon.