Renowned artist and sculptor, Philip Moore dies


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RIP Mr. Moore.

Renowned artist and sculptor, Philip Moore dies | Latest

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol
Sunday, 13 May 2012 10:37

Philip Moore

Internationally acclaimed artist and sculptor, Philip Moore- the man who made the 1763 Monument (Cuffy)- died on Sunday at his home on the Corentyne, East Berbice.

He was 90.

His daughter, Corine Munroe, said he died around 4:30 AM at his home at Lancaster Village after a prolonged battle with a heart complaint.

Moore was the recipient of the Cacique Crown of Honour (CCH).

Up to the time of his death, he had been a resident tutor at the Burrowes School of Art.

His United States-based sister who is in her late 80s, might be one of several close relatives flying back from overseas to say farewell to the icon.

Moore, who had converted to being a Jordanite, considered himself “spirit taught” because in 1955 he had dreamt that a huge hand had reached down from the heavens and a voice commanded him to become an artist.

Bed-ridden for the past two years, he was last seen by a doctor on April 14 who did not offer a very optimistic prognosis.

Though Moore has produced several works, his most notable is the 33-foot high 1763 Monument at the Square of the Revolution. That short-lived revolt had been led by Cuffy who has been declared one of Guyana’s national heroes and immortalized in the bronze monument.

He was also a professor at Princeton University.