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Do you like wearing rings? I want to buy one, but my friends say that it's not a good idea. I think that I have to do what I want, so, if you know any good brands or websites, please, let me know!


I love wearing rings, and I think that both men and women can do it. I think that I have more than 20 rings made from different materials. Today I ordered two new rings because soon it is my birthday and I want to make something pleasant for myself. There are many great stores, but I prefer https://solidcharms.com/. The assortment is huge, and prices are reasonable, so it's easy to look stylish without spending thousands of dollars.


Hello, which ring to choose when polishing ?. I want it to be neat and tidy. I don’t like bulky colois, it looks ugly.
Hello, which ring to choose when polishing ?. I want it to be neat and tidy. I don’t like bulky colois, it looks ugly.
In my opinion, males should wear stainless steel rings for causal purpose. Their designs are classy and don't give a tidy look. These are not only easy to clean but also cheap as compared to silver and gold. You can consider the following designs in this regard:

However, if you have a reasonable budget and want a unique look, then I would prefer sterling silver rings. I love their designs and sleek looks. Instead of polishing them, again and again, you should try Coat & Shine silver cleaner and keep it with more care. I love the following designs. You can find them on Miansai.

Indeed, gold and silver rings are expensive as compared to the stainless steel ones especially if you have a limited budget but keep in mind, having silver mainly the gold rings or jewellery could help you a lot in tough times. Yes, gold buyers like this https://www.goldbuyersmelbourne.com.au/cash-for-gold-what-we-buy offer instant cash against gold and silver jewellery. They also don't waste your time in long loan approval processes etc. After paying this loan back, you still have the chance to bring back your gold jewellery. That's why you can also consider gold rings.

Have a look at these designs:

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Good day. Rings should only be purchased from trusted locations. I buy these things at agape diamond. You can take a look at agape diamond reviews. They have a lot of positive feedback from other people, which means that this seller can be trusted.