So Fellas: Body or Face?


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ank I am single
I was attempting to lyrics lb yet she pretends to not see me typing
maybe her husband around



so you'd rock out with a bess body wilderbeest face gyul??? so a fat girl with a pretty face has no chance against a brickhouse who dead from the neck up?

fair enough lol..
hmmm someone on the previous pages said she can always improve her body but not her face. Sometimes you can see a nice body behind an out of shape girl if you're into training people. This thing not so cut and dry....

exhibit A



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It's simple. Firstly, don't think in extremes, there aren't that many ugly women out there. And there aren't that many ugly women out there with great/good bodies.
So the wildebeest thing is a far out example. (ref. LR)

Now to my opinion. I get more in seeing a woman's body and all that comes with it. I like to see a woman move, sit (I recall having a thread on women who can cross their legs perfectly). I like to watch their ass, breasts, hips, legs...
There is just more there that attracts me and would continue to attract me.

A face is a different canvas because often, and I don't know if it's just me, you don't really look at people's faces as much as you think. And it's not compelling, long term.
And most important, I don't have particular concerns about the beauty of a woman. I grew out of that. Your face just doesn't matter as much to me.


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ok steupz

DSP kudos to that girl she looks great and is very lucky sometimes even if you lose all that weight your belly will never get flat like that. Good for her!