So I was in the barbershop/rumshop when it close!


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phuuuk allyuh.....Doh judge meh! back to meh story

So meh bai come in! right away he start, dah blasted oman i have at home,she does reeel piss meh off man,days now she holding di pattakake hostage like a episode ah 24,all cause i eh come home til marning di odda day

Me: so is nah regular u does come home til marning?

He: exactly! like is now ah start liming with di fellas

Me: rolling meh eyes

He: ah gi she flower, ah play sarry,rass ah even stay home 2 night in a row and she still cold like a Montreal Winter!

Me: so wha u do?(well by now allyuh should know i fast no tail n like trouble)

He: ah went home(he demonstrating)push meh key! stick!(faddahgod if dis oman change di lock) oh ho! wrang key! ah call she(names have been changed to protect the innocent) Laverne! come to me,ah tired of dis shit,yuh think you is the only woman in the world,it have plenty saltfish out dey want a handsome and blessed lion like me,yuh lucky after all this time ah still giving you "good caviar wood"........she interject.......... "shut yuh mouth me eh done talk(boy bold ent)and furthermore dis late night cooking bettah come to a stop cause i working hard when day come to mind u and dem pikney(he wukking part-time and she have fulltime job)...smdh

Me: bai yuh seriously tell she all a dat?

He: Hells to teh Yeah, I had to let it out man,get it off my chest

Me: so how she tek it,cause i know u oman eh easy atall

He: Man i doh know Yes King cause ah tell she all dat in meh Mind

Well I nearly Faaaaking Dead! West Indians eh easy atall:grin:

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did you just make this shit up?
I swear i saw it in a tv show or skit
el oh el


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reminds me of that british comedy Desmonds when does guys used to be chillin in that barber shop juss talkin shit
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This is exactly the talk of a barber shop. I find some of their convos hilarious! I've been to many an African barbershop, I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but the way those fellas gesticulate and contort their faces and barked out what they were saying had me in stitches.