So this Trinidad James guy


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not really impressed with the attempt to soca-ize the beat

machel started off ok but then his cadence and rhythm was jus off

he took the best parts made em lame and didn't use really good parts

mama always told me a bumper is a blessing right

plus they took all the ratchet and explicitness (wc) out of the song and thats what made it to an extent

i have some other comments but i'll leave it alone

this was disappointing


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machel an shaggy has no business being on that pitbull is great tho..

the best remix i heard so far is the tyga remix.. hands down the bes 1


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This soca remix would have been better if they had inserted a proper traditional Soca beat in there rather than breaking up the flow of the soca beat like they have done.

I am sure one of the top remix soca DJs like Shot Master J can improve the soca vibe in that song if they are given the job of remixing it with a proper flowing soca beat that allows you to wine properly to the song!


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Believe I living under a rock.........have seen Internet mention of him but still eh listen to nuttin and refuse to.........


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Yuh know, coming to think bout it, everything Trini associated with now is negative

from this dude, having guns in his vid rockin trini flags to French Montana and bang em highlighting one of the worst hood in Trini

to Nicki Minaj and her crazy behavior being synonymous with Trinidad, to Karlie Redd and her messiness making trinis look messy.

when we gonna get some normal sane people repping?
Um Conrad Murray too. Yo I'd hate to be Trini right now :drag:


ah hear he couldnt figure out where he was from.. one min he cant remember then the next min he family living in the same place since he was small and where he grow up lol


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Guess this video also belongs here in this thread! :drinks:

Trinidad James - live performance in Trinidad at Machel Monday Concert
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