Soca Wives of T&T

Mrs. Campbell

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oh gosssshh skilz..doh be so Dais Kerwin woman....and she is actually a very pleasant lady. Very pleasant and welcoming. is locks, she is half breed...
Oh that's nice to know. Tell her to tell Kerwin is time to leggo dem locs; because like dey runnin tuh reach d back ah head longggggggggggg time. :hi:


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I applaud the Soca artists for allowing their significant other to do this photo shoot......other than Bunji I thought all dem other dudes were either single or for the always goes 2 ways....when man think they running racket easy easy dem women does be pulling bull with P-car P-car from east west north and south........


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Sidenote: people complaining about the women faces being screwup...........but dais normal......rell woman does walking rung wit dey face screw up so like beast for whatever reason.......

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dem gyal brave yes........ but i'm proud to see them stepping out

ah certain male artist does be up in a certain neighbourhood with a certain gyal who working in a certain hospital, while his loving wife is at home......

ah wonder if he knows that - that certain gyal who working in a certain hospital worserer than he and that she have certain men in certain gunta areas :scratches: