St. Kitts Economic Citizenship – Two Options To choose From


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St. Kitts economic citizenship was launched in 1984, making it the oldest investment program of this kind in the world. This program distinguishes itself from lots of other similar programs by strongly implemented investment requirements and specific due diligence processes. The government of the islands makes use of this program to draw attention of many investors, especially foreigners to make a significant donation to the growth of the Caribbean federation. Investors are provided with the opportunity to apply for citizenship and passport in the rigid guidelines of the law and the pertinent regulations.

Two options are given to investors to choose from if they are interested to apply for the citizenship program. Real estate option is the first one wherein people need to make an investment to the real estate industry along with making purchase costs of around 10% of the total cost and the government fees of $35,000. Second option is direct donation to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation, to support the sugar employees and give additional support to ensure the sustainability of the industry.

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That is beautiful scenary, so unspoilt. Maybe I would invest if I had loose change but the St Kittian accent will take some getting use to :)