STEEL MAGNOLIAS....the black version


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i love the original movie..don't know if i can accept a remake...even if it is all black......and i think the casting is all wrong....Latifah as M'Lynn, is a huge mistake..shit...i think Phylicia rashad would make a better M'Lynn and Madea could be Claree :rofl:

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i don't see Latifah pulling off this scene at all

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what unno think?


she might suprise you... whitney houston might have been perfect.. reminded me of Bodyguard.. with her outbursts.. but you never know..


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:mda:...Steel Magnolias is a classic...some things should be left the hell alone... ah mean, the same EXACT movie...thats like remaking The Color Purple...fuk outta here steeeeeeewps :nea:...