Survey says One in four Caribbean men is BiSexual


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the church believes people should wait until marriage. it actually solves the problem but the issue there is people take too long to get married so NO ONE can wait!

For the church's MO to work, people have to go back to getting married in the 13-16 range (the same age nuff start having sex anyway)...and we all know no one believe people can get married that young and still go to school and do everything else they are suppose to put off marriage to do. It's too radical.

So things will continue to be as problematic as they are.

The church is not suppose to encourage condom use.

Jamaica is pretty big on condom use anyway cause some of these kids listen to dancehall gods more than pastor and the dancehall fraternity has been very good about encouraging that.

Vybz Kartel mess it up with a line i heard in a song about going raw...but it was with a girl who was obviously his bonafide and the song was about being so into the girl he couldn't get enough of wasn't about him whoring around from woman to woman at all, so hopefully no one misses that part if they take the song to heart.

Overall though they all over-emphasize safe sex.

That is not the church job.

The church need to grow some balls though and start being real, show people life can still be fun and they can do everything they were doing before, while married young! Except whore around.
yea but even with the condom use ja has a high hiv rate


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yea but even with the condom use ja has a high hiv rate
what is ja's hiv rate? what is panama's? what is new york's black population's as a ratio of the new hiv cases every year?

According to these stats america has has an hiv/aids EPIDEMIC for a while now.

Doesn't mean most or even half of the country is dropping like flies from the thing just means the rate of new infections is alarming. As far as I've read Jamaica is not the west indian country with the most alarming rate of new cases, but any rise in new cases is cause for concern. Despite what I see on this board, outside of this board the only caribbean country i hear associated with lots of hiv/aids is Tobago. Not even Trinidad, just Tobago. But I don't throw it in their face cause it is what it is, everywhere.

The total number of infections as a percent of the whole population, not just number of new infections, is still not high enough for the average person to panic in any of these countries. Or so I hope, if I'm wrong that is really sad. :(

My point was the condom use never use to be a cool thing at ALL (just like up here), so some of the awareness efforts from popular and not-so-popular media did work as far as bringing about a change. Someone, likely from the US, brought HIV to Jamaica, it didn't just start there on its own, and without the increase in condom use it would be a lot worse.