The Borgias


Hey Ms. Carter...
The pope likes boys. You see the way he was checking him/she out; BEFORE he knew it was a woman.

Gal I was coming to post this....I was like noooooooooooooooooo!!- then I was relieved that it was in fact a woman but like you said he was eyeing him as a young boy ...oh geeeeed! Watching episode 2 now....why do they have 3 episodes at a time on demand now?

Mrs. Yankee Doodle

nah i thinking he had make she out cause he was watching she demeanor for a long time.....but then again remember de catolick and dem boys perversions eh...

TriniA hush nuh...i want to watch later when i get home, along with Nurse Jackie...


well, what can i say
wow wonder what would happen if she got pregnant again.

that other brother is a hater :kicks

cesare has such a helpful assistant, damn... that man takes care of everything


Hey Ms. Carter...

Micheletto !! Damn! Damn! Damn!.....oh gosh it was torture watching him get it on with

that man!!! :eek:hgosh: :eek:hgosh: :eek:hgosh: :eek:hgosh:


Peace Love n Pretty Tings
Only my 4th attempt to get into this show....but I'm on season 2 now.....these people are no joke.


well, what can i say
you are correct about brother sister nastiness... both Lucrezia and Cesare were were rumored to have an incestrous affair and she bore a child that was raised as a half sibling- she was only 13 or 14 when she had the baby
welllll they went there omg