The Olympic Opening Ceremony


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So far I am pleased, they are making a lot of references to British historical and pop culture.


the opening going sweet....sorry for those in the U.S its going to be edited its a fantastic show so far

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So the only time u can get Olympics live is when its in the US....stupse
and will they tape delay the 100m race like last time too....


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Well the coverage in the US starting off in primetime with an interview of those squirelly sounding little gymnastic girls. Oh geez that is deficult to listen to.


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So as they are going through the history of britain in this opening ceremony i wonder if they will depict the devastation of colonization and slavery....which are also part of their history.



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Of course it's not

Most of the events are gonna air taped.
Well duh of cost its going to be taped England clock its five hours ahead of eastern time you think there going to wait for us .......we got to catch up to them right now its 8:04 p.m. In nyc (u.s.) Its like 12:04 a.m. The opening ceremony is over in England !!!!!


If I was someone who did not like American commentary from American channels I would find a Spanish or British channel. EXPECT American channels to support American teams

Every Olympics I read and hear the same shit


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Three favorite moments of the Olympic Opening Ceremony

the forging of the Olympic circles during the Industrial Revolution segment
the James Bond/Queen parachuting into the stadium grand entrance
and my fave!.. Mr. Bean/Chariots of Fire segment