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Welcomed news after 18 years. Times are different but looking forward hear what they will be bringing to the music scene for 2015.

Vye Negre

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ironic that you post this in a thread dedicated to the true pioneers to the concept of bouyon and the biggest influence of bouyon. BURNING FLAMES..... Carry on.....
Difference between me n you is I give credit where it is due! I would never deny the obvious onfluence of flames, jam band etc on the origins of bouyon. True pioneers? You taking it too far with that, but.... ya!

Now if pro was trying to argue that there are elements of the North Caribbean style of caribbean music in original bouyon, I could agree... but soca?

Speaking of which... what all you pioneer in Lucia ner? Im curious to know. Lets all learn sonething about our rick caribbean musical heritage toaday.