They need to step up


Shitsuren Kyuka
What is the government officials for education going to do about people walking on to school compounds and doing what they want. Just recently my friend's mom was killed by a guy who she reported to her superiors for being a pedophile and "harrassing" one of her students. When he heard about this he walked unto the school, while assembly is going on, and took out a knife and proceeded to stab the woman in her neck killing her in front of a student. he then walks casually to the house of a police man and gives himself in. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???!!!! My mother is a principal and I have asked her to no longer reprimand anybody cause her life is more important to me than to igonorant people out there.

Security has to be beefed up on schools. This has to be taken more seriously. And this is not even the first time. Hazel Manning needs to come up wit something fast. I know she can't forsee everything that could happen but we need to find something to help this "free for all entry".

R.I.P Ra Ra. my condolences to your 2 daugthers and your family and your students. May god be with them extra through this rought time. You will surely be missed. Sigh!!!!

Life is a Bitch sometimes!!!


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Bunjigarlindarlin, I read about it in the Trinidad Express and I was in shock! I couldn't believe what I was reading and a friend of mine was telling me that her mother's friend. I was wondering how come the police did not get involved in the situation before it came to that? How come he wasn't questioned by the police? Was an investigation done to find out if the reported abuse occurred? This is definitely crazy! The children that had to witness this situation.... The family of the lady that was killed that has to deal w/ this...... This is really sad and my condolences goes out to her family.


Bungigarlindarlin, you cyar forget that we are a people of sue sue suing. Everybody love to talk and gossip before anything concrete is done about serious situations. And now the problem is that now somebody stood up to this animal, she lost her life as a result. Now how does that encourage others to do the right thing? The plot thickens.....