Too dark to become prime minister?


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Dr Keith Rowley’s dark skin was cited as the only ground of “objection” to his leading Trinidad and Tobago as prime minister, former sena####tor Fitzgerald Hinds said on Wednesday night.
Speaking at a People’s National Movement (PNM) meeting at Belmont Secondary School, held in support of the political leader’s can########di####dacy, Hinds said: “I know this would break your heart but I will tell you this. One day, at about 1.30 p.m., I was walking through the streets of Port of Spain and I spoke to a former minister of government from a PNM cabinet. And he told me something that troubled me deeply, almost broke my heart, and I am a tough man.
“He said to me that he had just come from a meeting with a couple of other former ministers and some businessmen, and they were all ’round the lunch table and agreed that Dr Rowley had done an excellent job as political leader for the PNM for the last three years.... They thought he did a great job. And told me shockingly that the only issue that came up in objection was that we had never had such a dark-skinned prime minister.”
The crowd voiced disapproval of the expressed view.
“These are touchy issues and I need not publicly upset you tonight. But it is real and I would tell you why. Because shocked as I was, I went to a number of my colleagues, inside and outside of the PNM, and asked them if they think like that or if ever heard anything like that. And to the man and woman, everybody said they heard it before,” he said.
As the crowd continued to voice its displea####sure that such a view was held, Hinds converted the issue into one of humour, “And then I realise I could never be a prime minister mehself.”
The crowd laughed at this point.
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Who tell u I am a pnmite? Answer that and I will tell u why kamla wrong for the country. I really think u wish u was half trini instead of half bajan lol...half trini half Jamaican is the hot mix right now


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Whether or not Mr Hinds is speaking the truth here (because a lot of people almost immediately find nothing else to do but shoot the messenger), me eh know wha is the problem; people didn't know that that is a long-standing sentiment not only concerning Dr Rowley but in general? This is what happens when, since so-called independence you refuse to have sustained, informed, "academic" conversations on race and ethnicity in a society that was divided along those lines by a white elite minority. And in spite of this latest nonsense we STILL not going to hold it (just like the conversations we eh having on sex). I like the comments made here by Raffique Shah on this: