Trayvon Martin Case Verdict: Shows Blacks Need To Form Their Own Country !


lol seriously, does the delusional OP not realize he is on a Caribbean site? We ALREADY have our own countries. Cant believe he even make 2 threads of this dotishness here. If anyone went down south especially Atlanta area you would know these people are no where near being able to lead themselves without Whitey. Most are on welfare and way too much walking around homeless and half crazy from all de coke.
I have to laugh myself......but seems like he real serious that he made two threads and keep pushing his own country blah blah blah


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We in America have blacks that are negative and believe that whites treat the better, yet this is not exclusively an american problem.

As we move forward find something positive to say of your own country.


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We need our own country so that we may live on this planet as actual human beings.

America never has treated us right.
We are glad that black people have kept their cool in this fake "court trail".

We want to be 1st class citizens in our own country, rather than accept what they have to offer.

Millions of blacks in America want their own country, this is one of the many reasons that we share this idea.

The sad thing is that America has been very predictable.

This has been her signature method of dealing with us.

Clearly an American black president is ineffective in guaranting our rights much less rights as 1st class citizens.

We deserve the right to 1st class citizenship, in a country where our rights come before any and everyone else.

This is the right of all 1st class citizens in every independent country .

Where is ours ?

Now is the time to build our Own Country, Mahali.

The name of our nation is Mahali, meaning promiseland in kiswhili.

Yes, the solution is Mahali.

Just racism in another form.

Nothing will be solved or improved by having one colour of people in any country.

The idea that blacks standard of living will somehow magically improve once the "evil whiteys" are gone is ludicrous and racist.

Although I sincerely wonder if you're serious or just trolling


where de crix
The facts:

We have the largest black economy in the world, amongst 70 black nations.

There are two was to view this, first is by income.

Our Disposal income is $1.2 Trillion
Making it the world's 16th largest economy.

Surpassing Alkebulan (Africa) $1.5 trillion.
Yet 50% of that economy is owned by whites.

The second is revenue.

Our businesses capture $175-$200 Billion
Making it the world's 47th largest economy.
I said human capital. I dont believe your stats.

just doing the math. approx 300M americans, around 13% is black right. for argument sake, let us say 30M are black.
1.2 T/30 M = 40 000 per capita.

now based on wikipedia...
List of countries by per capita personal income - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

$ 23,000 for the per capita / american.

I am going to continue calling you out, until you can convince me you know what you are talking about.

you havent even proposed how the state is going to scede from the union without another civil war happening. or maybe you believe AmeriKKKan history that the civil war was fought because of poor us black folks.