Tribe Band 2013


Yup..Yuma cyah see me again...I will stick wit tribe and see all my friends on de road and jump in de afterparty yes...
I eh go lie eh, I like to bash bikini mas but I swallowing my pride.

TRIBE look bess! if they costumes look like that on the road, they would selloff, plus they tryna make up for last year.

@Browni ah wah see u blog


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nice costumes but as for the wings, i prefer the ones for the men costumes.

*** I did not see all the pics****


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de men are the beasts....their wings are more like dragon wings than butterfly wings....

anyways nice costumes but how yuh supposed to wine on man wid all dem


daiz wha i sayin shorty.. ah say wayeeeeee. nobody from tribe wining on nobody next year lol....

ah doh kno which section.. ah like regal emperor but i cant do purple and green again this year but then again you never know.. ah have all the accessories and glitter LOL

Jenny Bravo

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LOVE Tribe's presentation this year!! My favs are jezebel, regal emperor, Madagascan sunset and azure:yahoo::yahoo: can't wait