Tribute to the missing Imixer thread.


When did you join imix? I'm asking because if I remember correctly Rory was there quite a while back and to me you are still a fairly recent member.

I could be wrong though
lemme help you out...look at my join date..

now look at the date of this thread..

now look at the date that the individual in question post in the thread..

now ask yourself, if it makes sense....


I know you two don't necessarily see eye to eye but I was certainly not taking shot at her. I am actually curious to know because from time to time she mentioned things that happen a long time ago. And I just didn't think she was on that long ago.
i know lots of old imixers offline... people dont know i post here unless i tell them.. same for my friends here i guess..

but check it out eh.. let's say people reminiscing about an imixer, let's make up a name.. Rosco.. i wasnt here when Rosco was around.. but then somebody bump an old thread and it has pics of Rosco.. and i realize, wait nah..daiz my cousin.. :kicks:.. he never mention he was on here back in the day, and i never mention i am on here now.. but then i hit him up on FB and say "kevin, or should i say Rosco?" we catch kicks and he remembers some of the shit he used to do on here and other characters.. so is info.. so it gives context.. and people does be in different sections of imix.. i think i got quite a few friends who come here for the music, which is of little interest to me..

like for ex.. that Tendaluva dude.. i dont know him on imix, i dont think i was around.. but wen somebody bump ah ole post and ah see de pic i realize i sure do know him and his m.o. offline..

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who get catch? i know is not me you dey wid,.. i would have never been a peeper on this site cos i dont like music sites like that ..


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Guys, can you check it out. eh...
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