Trini woman beats up boyfriend for being provoked(video)


and look at the lil piece of trash na.. not even like she is a numba 1 pon di look good chart..dey run out of numbas by the time dey reach she! steups


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This video most be the record REPOST in the history of islandmix!
repost or not, 1st time i seeing this and it gave me comic relief after a tiring day. :lol :rofl:

but seriously, im so sorry for the man and woman that appears online. the man for not being self defensive enough, although i understand y, and the woman for having no kinda conduct, no behaviour whatsoever!!!


lol i love how off an on posters come weeks later w/ ting like if it brand new


What does looks have to do with it? :confused His likkle magga ass aint all that either!
meaning she was in every possible the way she portrayed herself to be.. he deserve that for being with somebody who would act towards him like that. i wish they didnt hold back that guy in the white shirt.. lol.. i bet she back down..


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...and it all happened because he ketch she pouching back on a man.
This poor fella getting butt for days...and he go take she back every time....poor fella.