*Trinidad and Tobago General Elections 2015*


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
Currently what trinidad has a coalition government?
We have a racist UNC government trying to sell itself to the T&T public as a balanced coalition government in order to get re-elected for another term.

The general T&T public were fooled by the trick in 2010 but they will not be fooled again in 2015 as the coalition government mask has long since been removed. Let them go back over to Guyana and try that backward racist $hit there but I don't even think the Guyanese are buying it anymore.


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
PNM Candidate Launch - Woodford Square (Happening now - Watch Live!!)
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COP goes with 8 candidates

The Congress of the People (COP) will not be contesting the marginal Tunapuna and San Fernando West seats in the September 7 general election, apparently giving them up to the more dominant partner in the People’s Partnership, the United National Congress

The COP's candidates:

1. Port-of-Spain South - Cleveland Garcia

2. Diego Martin West - Avonelle Hector

3. San Fernando East - Ashaki Scott

4. Arouca/Maloney - Wendell Eversley

5. D'abadie/O'Meara - Patricia Metivier

6. Arima - Dr Rodger Samuel

7. Lopinot/Bon Air West - Dr Lincoln Douglas

8. St Augustine - Prakash Ramadhar


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Dr Rowley's speech at the PNM Mt Hope Meeting

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notorious saga

Now Winston Gypsy Peters jumps ship and call the PM deceitful something that has been clear to many for a long time now.

Both Gypsy and Warner are fools. Daaga and the other imps still on the gravy train so they will stay quiet and ride.....for now.

Trinidad Express Newspapers: News | Gypsy jumps off: “The PM is ungrateful, conniving”
So the "little Black Boy" Gypsy finally get some sense eh? Cro Cro was right when he called them lick buttom africans.

Captain the ship is sinking. LOL


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Dave Persad, a former UNC chairman of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation who was appointed by the Kamla Persad-Bissessar-led People’s Partnership Government, has turned his back on the United National Congress.

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Dr Rowley's speech at the PNM Couva Meeting

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notorious saga

Gypsy new song.

The little black boy Gypsy had to burn to learn, you will always be black and be seen as such. I don't feel sorry for this fool one bit, black people does always be made to look dotish. Some men does get ah lil piece ah different race pussi and like it does go to deh head.

Gypsy calls Kamla 'neemakharam' in new song *

Published on Aug 27, 2015, 10:40 pm AST

Former Community Development minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters

n Lyrics of “Kamla” by Gypsy

The chorus of the song goes:

“She neemakharam, she neemakha####ram,

I don't give a damn, Kamla neema####kharam

She neemakharam, I want you to know

She neemakharam, is Basdeo tell me so

She neemakharam, she neemakha####ram,

Despite all she charm she too neemakharam.”

Just days after resigning from the People's Partnership Cabinet, for####mer Community Development minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters has released a song, the message of which is des####pite all of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar's “charm”, she is a “neemakharam”.

“Neemakharam” is the Hindi word meaning “ungrateful”.


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Prakash’s brother vows to vote PNM

Kishore Ramadhar, the brother of Congress of the People (COP) leader Prakash Ramadhar, has vowed to vote for the PNM in the September 7 general election. Kishore also promised to be in one of several “Say No to Prakash” trucks that will traverse the St Augustine constituency on Saturday, which his brother is contesting under a COP ticket.

The trucks, funded by television broadcaster and businessman Inshan Ishmael, will also go into the constituencies of St Joseph and Tunapuna in an effort to bring home these two marginal seats for the PNM. Yesterday, Ishmael assured he would intensify his campaign against the PP next week.

Earlier this month, Ishmael had mounted a campaign against Ramadhar on his Facebook page, calling on constituents to vote for PNM candidate Alisha Romano instead of Prakash Ramadhar. The move comes almost two years after Kishore had called on his younger brother (Prakash) to resign and for the party to remove itself from the PP after the COP’s crushing defeat in the 2013 local government election.

In November 2013, the party’s executive suspended Kishore, Rudy Hanamji and Satu Ann Ramcharan from the party. On Tuesday, Kishore, a database administrator, was one of several disaffected COP supporters who turned up at the PNM’s public meeting in San Juan, saying they would not support the PP at the polls.

Kishore, who was clad in COP attire, said his reason for attending the meeting “was to tell the membership of the COP...those of us who have never supported the PNM...that in this particular instance, they don’t have to join the PNM but we need to support the PNM to remove the PP from power.”

Kishore has said: “I intend to vote for the PNM in this election. If and when the PNM becomes corrupt as they are likely to be, I will be championing against them. “If we don’t vote for the PNM, it means the PP will retain power. If the PP retains power I do not believe that the moral fabric of society can survive another five years.”

Read More; News | The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper


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A one on one conversation with Julian Rogers and Political Leader of the People's National Movement, Dr Keith Christopher Rowley.

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'Movement of the People'

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