Two killed in Labour Day J'ouvert celebrations.


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I want to say, I commend your good intentions, purpose, and goal to find a solution.

But I feel what you wrote there is one set of caca.

The issues/challenges/struggles that minority youths face today are no different than what youths decades ago faced. The difference today are the PARENTS. Parents today have no shame or fear of public ridicule. Humiliation and Embarrassment was a deterrent. These kids move fearless and without forethought in their antics and actions. Decades ago kids moved with more purpose and thought, even if their family lacked structure and principles. Just to avoid embarrassment and humiliation. Hence, why if you got locked away to jail or prison your family would lie and say: "He away at school"..."He was sent away to live with family"..."He at Job Corps" Etc. Nowadays, it's cool to be a Teenage Mom or a Single Mother. And, in a place like NYC it's even lucrative. Most of these Illegal Guns are Relics, Stolen from a Legal owners, or very Cheap crap like Hi-Point that are like $150 brand new. This 17 yr old boy who was shot at Jouvert Mother said: "I begged my son not to go, but he still went"...Beg? Beg?? Beg??? You know how much kick a$$ and awaking to broomstick across my skull for going to bed without washing the wares from my mother. Beg, what? no sah.
To be fair that kid could of lied and went somewhere he wasn't allowed to or maybe he snuck out.
Im not saying it isn't possible she didn't see him leave or knew he was going, but some kids are hard headed and want to do things their way.

some people have to die so others will live.
hopefully his death will save his siblings.
Many confused youth have had their brothers and sisters get shot and killed yet they still don't listen.You think this would change anything?