West Indian Stereotypes


what are some West Indian stereotypes (or stereotypes about your country)?

e.g. once they hear a west indian accent, you're automatically Jamaican. or you're East Indian so you're automatically Trini or Guyanese.

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we all like curry, eat it everyday.

we drink a lot of alcohol

we all know how to wine

we all have "good hair and exotic features"


if you say "sakafet" you're automatically Haitian

if you're Indian or dougla you're automatically good-looking


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If you're West Indian you're always smiling and content with your lot in life.

Jamaicans being violent is not a stereotype, that's an observation, lol.


All Trinis like Carnival

All Tobagonians are burnt crispy

All Trinis are sneaky

The women are freaky

The men and women like to horn

the men like to eat p!ssy

All Trinis like spicy food and pepper sauce

We all like roti and doubles

We all make macaroni pie and callalloo on a Sunday
Tobagonians hate trinis

All Tobagonians eat is blue food

Tobagonian men sell they self for white women

Tobagonians are docile and dumb

Most Tobagonians have AIDS


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not true!, there are trinis who have no soca in their playlist, especially the ones into rock music
It's true, it just is.
If 90+% of a group likes X you are free to say the Group likes X.

An 'indistinguishable minority' can't change that.