West Kiss Human Hair Lace Wig New Arrivals


Want to know what is the latest popular wig? Come to West Kiss, here are some new beautiful hair colors on the shelves. There are definitely the types you like. Next, I will briefly introduce you to a few.

Introduction Of New Arrival wigs
1) Short Human Hair Wigs
We launched the 2 types of short human hair wigs, they are cheap price but do not cheap lace wigs in quality.

A. Skunk Stripe Wigs
Skunk stripe wigs are black wigs with blonde highlights streaks in front, which have several styles. For Skunk Stripe Style 1, the honey blonde highlight is in the middle of the front, customers can choose 5x5 lace closure or 13x4 lace frontal according to their likes. For Skunk Stripe Style 2, the highlight is located at the side of the lace frontal, and full lace wigs human hair looks more natural for a side highlight. Both styles give people a kind of bright and charming feeling. In addition, the curls are loose and easy to restyle.
And we also have a black wig with 613 blonde highlights and a wand curl wig. It is very fashionable and beautiful

B. Short Body Wave Wigs
If you want a short bob wig with loose curls, the Short body wave wig is the best choice. In a length range of 14 inches to 20 inches, and 5x5 closure wig, as well as a 13x4 cheap lace front wig, can be selected by customers. Of course, West Kiss Hair put Swiss lace and HD lace to meet different color skins, the curl pattern is body wave but more volume than the usual deep wave lace front wigs. While the most remarkable thing is the wigs are offered at a great satisfying price. Also, enjoy an extra 8% discount.

2) Highlight Colored Wigs
Short highlight human hair lace wigs can not meet your love of beauty? Try some new ombre wigs from West Kiss Hair company.
A.Piano Highlight Colored Wigs
Length from 16 inches to 26 inches, color choices of #1B/27 Piano, #4/27 Piano, #2/30 Piano, and #4/30 Piano, each color has an undeniable attractiveness. We also offer straight, body wave, and other curl patterns as customers want. This highlight 13x4 lace front wigs will be another good selection if you want to get quality hair at a cheap price.

B.#4/27 Piano Lace Front Wigs
If you have a limited budget but still want to try a honey blonde and brown highlight lace wig. West Kiss Hair #4/27 colored piano lace front wig will be a good choice! We have 5x5 closure wigs which are less price and easy to install. Also if you prefer a human hair lace front wig, you can have a try of 13x4 lace. 13inch wide lace ear to ear makes your hairline look much more natural. Many curls patterns let you have a wider choice space, such as curly, deep wave, body wave, and water wave, same color but different personality.

C: Brown Wig With Blonde Highlights
D: Black And Blonde Wigs
The two highlight wigs are with 613 blonde highlights, but one is a brown wig with 613 blonde highlights, one is a black wig with 613 blonde highlights. They are all beautiful enough.

3)Natural Black Wigs In Next Texture
A. Natural Wave Loose Curl Lace Wig
Now many customers have tried the tight curly wigs for instance the curly, deep wave wig, but you may want to get a different loose curl human hair wig. Also, West Kiss Hair put up two new styles of natural loose curl human hair wigs. Style 1 curls are made with 3 braids, it has a bigger volume and natural loose look. Style 2 curls are smaller waves and made with 2 braids.

4)DIY Deals
Want to have a mixture of different color hairs? We also have different color bundles. For example, #4/33 color, #4 color, #4/27 color weft and #4/27 colored closure. You can choose the color you like and make a wig with different effects. That is the DIY deal for your hair combination. Most importantly, the cheap price is super tempting.

If you like it, don’t hesitate, hurry up and buy a good-looking color for yourself on Halloween!